OPTION 3: YoungE Affiliate Owned Website with domain name

$1,650.00 USD


With the Young Entrepreneurs Affiliate website, you can get started on selling YoungE products in no time. This package offers a website set up with an eCommerce shop fully loaded with all the YoungE product and links already set up for you to start marketing.

With the Young Entrepreneurs Affiliate Owned Website, you can get started on selling YoungE products in no time. This package offers the website setup already prepared with products and the affiliate links. You simply need to start marketing and selling online products. As options in this affiliate website package you get the following:

  • A complete template-based website and online shop.
  • The YoungE full product set loaded in the shop
  • Products setup with the affiliates links that are unique to your affiliate membership
  • First-year website hosting. Upcoming years hosting will be charged annually after 12 months and you may change hosting providers.
  • Localised domain with relevant country extension.


  • The website for your affiliate business is based on an approved YoungE template that complies to the YoungE international brand strategy.
  • You will have full access to the site components to make changes which will include design elements and product changes unless so agreed.
  • The site will be maintained by yourself as the owner.
  • The site will be managed, updated, secured and backed-up originally by Zegoh, the approved Affiliate management partner for YoungE international but will need to be maintained by yourself.
  • The website is owned by the purchaser as the affiliate, and you have exclusive usage rights for the site.
  • Your payment constitutes ownership of the site and any domains purchased by Zegoh to set up the site.
  • Your payment for the site is applied towards the resources and labour to set up and implement the site on the domain.
  • Any additional assets purchased by Zegoh for the setup and hosting of the site will remain that of Zegoh's.
  • Any assets, including domains and brands already owned by the affiliate, is uninfluenced by this partnership and remains that of the affiliate or its rightful owners.