This is how the Young Entrepreneurs Affiliate program works!

With technology driving almost all industries and the youth becoming more reliant on entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving and financial literacy for their future survival, it has become important for adults and parents to instil critical thinking in their child’s education from an early age.

YoungE offers instructor-led online programs to teach kids about entrepreneurship, financial literacy through play and real examples that are suited for their age.

The YoungE Affiliate program is a fantastic business opportunity to sell these online programs and earn an above-market average commission. The real benefit is that the affiliate operates completely online using their own e-commerce website or one supplied by YoungE. Meaning there is no need to invest in any physical infrastructure or stock, apart from your e-commerce website and your own local digital marketing.

To become a YoungE Affiliate is really simple and there are three options available.


Register as an affiliate for FREE

  • Get your free affiliate links for your own e-commerce shop.
  • This option costs no money and is completely free. If you complete the affiliate application, you receive your online links for each product to use on your e-commerce site and you can start almost immediately with your marketing and selling.
  • You only need to take the supplied affiliate product links and set up your online shop products with these links to start selling.


RENT a full online e-commerce website

  • For a low one-off cost. If you don’t yet have your own domain and website to operate the online store that will sell your YoungE programs, we can help.
  • For a small fee Zegoh will set up a local country domain, website, e-commerce shop with all the products already loaded and all the necessary affiliate links implemented. This will be a YoungE owned setup of which you have purchased exclusive use of that e-commerce website whilst you remain an active affiliate (t&cs apply).
  • This is a great opportunity to start your YoungE online business in a couple of days and at an extremely competitive cost for a full online business without worrying about creating websites and infrastructure.
  • There is no additional cost or hosting fees on this option as it is owned and maintained by Zegoh. You just run your own local and digital marketing to sell products.


PURCHASE a full YoungE e-commerce website.

  • With setup for a one-off setup free and an annual hosting fee.
  • Similar to the above option, but you purchase full ownership of the affiliate website infrastructure
  • You own the domain and site with full admin rights
  • You manage your own affiliate website onwards in all aspects, but according to YoungE brand guidelines.
  • Payment is a once off amount with a single annual hosting fee each year